Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes! This is our way of verifying your identity and making sure you are who you say you are!

    Don’t worry, we'll never post anything to your Facebook!

  • Book your Grouvly night, get your friends to sign up and get ready for an awesome night out!

  • You can expect to meet awesome people like you who also want to have fun and meet new people!

  • You just might! You never know! There have been couples that have met through Grouvly, so you might too!

    All we know is that the chances of having an awesome night out with Grouvly are exceptionally high. Even if you don’t meet the love of your life, you’ll have stories that you can share with your friends for years to come!

  • Each Grouvly costs SGD $16 (women) & SGD $24 (men) / HKD $100 (women) & HKD $150 (men), per person which includes the first round of drinks. We ask you to pay upfront because it helps to prevent no-shows. Note that when you book a Grouvly, you will be charged for you and your friend(s). Then when your friend signs up, we will refund their portion to you.

  • Grouvly accepts MasterCard, Visa, PayPal.

  • As soon as you book your Grouvly, we will send you the tentative meeting details.An e-mail with the confirmed meeting details will be sent closer to the date.

  • No, there’s no need for it. We will set up everything for you. All you have to do is show up and have fun!

  • Since Grouvly is set up to help connect singles with other singles, only the main person who signed up needs to be single. Your friends don’t need to be single... but they need to be fun and awesome like you! Your friends (aka your wingmen / wingwomen) are there to have fun with you and make the night that much more fun.

  • Yes, since we generally try to have an equal gender ratio, it is easier to coordinate if we know one group is made up of all guys and one group is made up of all girls.

  • Not at this point, but do let us know if that is something you’re interested in and we could try to accommodate that in the future. Another option for you is Grouvly Dates which will be launched soon! Grouvly Dates will hook you up with one other person who is cool and awesome like you. Hang tight!

  • Oh no! As you can imagine, being on the other end of a cancellation is no fun. So if you can avoid this, please do.

    If for some (epic) reason you really need to cancel and it is absolutely unavoidable, please notify us at hello@grouvly.com.

    Note that no refunds will be given for cancellations less than 72 hours in advance.

  • This is extremely rare, but also something we do not take lightly. If this should happen to you, you’ll be eligible for a full refund. Please contact us at hello@grouvly.com

  • All information you share with us is held with strict confidentiality, but if you ever decide that to delete your account, you may email us at hello@grouvly.com.

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