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Usual night


Grouvly night

7:04 PM

You whatsapp your friends: "ready to go out?"

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8:27 PM

Your friends: "where?"

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8:50 PM

After a long debate, you meet at some random place

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9:45 PM

You talk and catch up

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10:31 PM

Time to go home

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8:30 PM

Meet your 1 or 2 friends at the venue we picked for you

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8:40 PM

You meet the other group (-: Awesome!

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8:56 PM

The 1st round drinks is served. No payment needed, Cheers!

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9:03 PM

You talk, joke, laugh

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9:56 PM

Shots time and more drinking games!

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10:29 PM

Funny picture time for Instagram

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10:45 PM

More drinks are ordered

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11:42 PM

You head to a club where the night's just getting started

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