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You & 2 friends. Meet another group of 3.
For a drink and beyond.

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Make your thursday a whole lot more fun

Meet a new group of friends

Invite one or two of your friends and you will be matched with another fun group. Enjoy a round of drinks at a venue in town. With your friends there, the conversation is lively and the night gets a whole lot wilder!

Discover bars and lounges around town

Going out with Grouvly is way of discovering new places to go out.

Try a new experience

We don’t set you up with just anyone. We hand-select another awesome, like-minded group that we think you would love hanging out with. This is our way of ensuring that the night will be epic!

Only have ONE wingbuddy?
No problem!
Groups of two can go on Grouvly too!

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We won't ever post to your wall

What they say about us

So How Does It Work?

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Apply with Facebook

We use your Facebook info to match you (and to make sure you don't already know the other group). Also, no wall posting lameness, etc.

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We hand-pick the other crew for you

They're awesome people you don't know, but should

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Grab 2 Friends

Pick your best wingmen or wingwomen.

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Pre-pay your first round of drinks

It ensures that everyone shows up

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We tell you where to meet

We work with the best bars, lounges and speakeasies.

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Meet the other group of three

The rest is up to you...


Is Grouvly a date?

Nope. It's better. We curate the pieces of an awesome night: we pick a great bar, we ensure that there's a perfect gender ratio, we give you stuff to do. It's a regular night on steroids. Without the weird side effects.

How much does it cost?

Each Grouvly cost for girls SGD16 / HKD100 and guys SGD24 / HKD150 pay per person and includes the first round of drinks. We ask to pay up front mostly because it helps to prevent no-shows, you can choose to pay for your friends or have them pay their own fee. If they don't pay up before the Grouvly night, we'll charge your card for their share and you can square up later.

How do you choose the other group?

We use your Facebook profile and a few key information in your application to pick a group you’ll have fun meeting over a few drinks. We want you to have a different and fun night getting to know interesting people.

I signed up, what happens next?

You will receive an email from our concierge with a confirmation for membership. Once you get the confirmation you can book a Grouvly right away by logging in in our page and following a simple process.

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