What Does Grouvly Do?

Grouvly provides matchmaking services for awesome individuals looking for someone special.

Is This Only For People Who Are Looking To Get Married?

No, absolutely not! Whether you are looking for marriage or just a long term relationship, Grouvly connects you with someone who wants the same things as you.

Why Do I Need This Service When I Can Meet People On Other Platforms?

You can definitely meet people through other platforms, but you might not be meeting the right people. Here at Grouvly, we focus on getting you in front of the right people.

Why Does Matchmaking Work?

Most of the time when you’re looking for a partner, it is on impulse and based on your current emotional state.

Matchmaking works because you have a professional who has learnt about your past relationships, habits, fears, insecurities, family history, goals, desires and they’re out there actively looking for someone compatible for you – regardless of your current emotional state. Having a matchmaker by your side is the most effective way of setting yourself up for success.

Do You Guarantee Marriage / Long Term Partnership?

Matchmaking is all about finding a good match for you. Building a relationship takes time and effort. We can point you towards learning the skills necessary to build a long term healthy and happy relationship. Here, we focus on finding a good match for you.

How Do You Match Me?

We match you based on your values, lifestyle and goals. The process can get quite detailed and complex as people don’t fit into neat little boxes, but rest assured that all matches are handpicked and approved by an emotionally intelligent human being. We pride ourselves in running an ethical and honest business. If we don’t feel that we can find someone that matches your requirements, then we would not want to take your money and not provide you with a good match.

Matchmaking Seems Like Such An Outdated Practice In The Age Of Technology. What Makes You So Certain That It Works?

There’s no doubt that technology is very advanced and will continue to advance, yet the one challenge that we face is the ability to teach computers human values. Yet this is the aspect of us that is most important. While one might think that matchmaking is an outdated practice, it is the most effective way of setting yourself up for a success. (See above question – Why does Matchmaking work?)

How Much Do You Charge?

Traditional Matchmaking companies charge over $35,000 making it highly inaccessible to most people who would be able to benefit from this service. Most dating agencies in the market use algorithms and can charge up to $1,000/date.

At Grouvly we're determined to make matchmaking more affordable and accessible because we believe in the value of matchmaking (without using algorithms) and its ability to help millions of people.

Can I See Their Picture Before Going On The Date?

No. We firmly believe that love often happens when you least expect it. We have seen how people fall in love with the person they least expect. Even though you will be set up on blind dates, rest assured that when we suggest the match to you, we will also tell you reasons why we think you are compatible.

How Is Matchmaking Different From Online Dating?

Online dating is where you do the browsing, chatting, filtering, setting up of the date yourself. Matchmaking is where we do ALL that work for you, and you just show up and have a great time.

Isn’t Dating A Numbers Game?

There are many people who say that dating is a numbers game and that you need to slog through thousands of people to find someone special. That’s not what we believe. We believe that it’s all about meeting the right people.

Why Should I Try Grouvly?

Perhaps you’re tired of online dating. Perhaps you have no time to go through the process of meeting someone and then spending months before finding out if the person wants the same things as you. Perhaps your social circle is small. Perhaps you’ve not been meeting other quality, relationship-minded people. That’s where we come in! Our approach is great for single people who don't have the time to do all of the searching, screening and planning.

How Are Introductions Made?

You can be introduced to your match over coffee, lunch or dinner. You can also be introduced to your match at a neutral place and then decide where to take it from there. You decide, we make it happen!

Will My Profile Information Be Made Public?

No. Your information will NOT be made public. All your information is private and confidential.

How Many People Are In Grouvly’s Database?

Unlike other platforms that have millions of users who are inactive or fake, our database has been vetted through and our users are all real people who are looking for someone special.

Rest assured that when we match you, our database is only the beginning! We are constantly recruiting new members everywhere we go! As a result, we have people in our database that aren’t anywhere else!

I Don’t Want To Meet Anybody That _____. Is That Possible?

We will try to take all your deal breakers and preferences into account. But at Grouvly, we firmly believe that love often happens when you least expect it. Rest assured that we take our job seriously and will not set you up unless we are convinced that there is a potential connection.

Can I Decline A Match That You Have Suggested?

Yes, you can decline a match that we suggest.

What Is Your Success Rate?

Our job is to make good matches and to put you in front of the right people. Paying for a matchmaking service increases your chances of building a relationship with the right people. Building a successful relationship takes time and effort. We can point you towards learning the skills necessary to build a long term healthy and happy relationship. Here, we focus on finding a good match for you.

There Are So Many Other Dating / Matchmaking Companies Out There. What Makes You Different?

As a smart consumer, what is important to you - credibility, honesty, ethics, processes? We will never speak ill of another company, so here are some questions to ask when shopping around -

  1. Do you prefer to work with 1 professional from beginning to end or are you ok being passed around from staff to staff?
  2. What kind of questions is the staff asking? Does it feel like a positive experience? Do you feel like they are imposing their ideas of love/dating/relationships on you?
  3. Do they use algorithms in their matching? How does this algorithm work? If you’re paying for an algorithm to understand you, then ask why you should be paying premium prices. Know what you’re paying for.

Ultimately, choose a company that you feel has your best interests at heart and are willing to go the extra mile to find that special person for you.

Can I Have 1 Free Date?

At Grouvly, we’re here to help! We understand that this could be a little different than what you’re used to. So, there is a way where you can try out the service before committing to a paid membership.

Just sign up to be a part of our Grouvly Club (which is Free!), then we will set you up when we have a member who is looking for someone like you!

Should I Become A Grouvly VIP Member?

If you join as a Grouvly Club Member (Free Plan), we will not actively search for you. We’ll only reach out if we have a member who is a potential match.

If you become a Grouvly VIP Member, then we would actively search for you and find someone special for you.

What Do I Get As A Grouvly VIP Member?

If you are accepted as a VIP Member, your experience formally begins when you connect with us to discuss your dating history and preferences. We'll identify your priorities before we start the search process for you. While you're off doing what you do best, we will be busy behind the scenes, identifying possible matches and personally screening potential candidates. When the choice is made, we'll schedule a date to introduce the two of you. Afterwards, we'll get feedback from each of you to find out how it was, and to refine the search going forward. It's a simple process that we repeat until you're interested in pursuing a relationship with one of your matches.

Any Tips To Help Me Get The Most Out Of My Experience With Grouvly?

Let’s start with the easy ones – come with an open mind, open heart and most importantly, a sense of adventure and possibility! Matchmaking is going to feel different than online dating because it is different. Whether you’re here to get advice from a professional about how to date better or here to find partners for life, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

p.s. We are out there promoting YOU everyday! So if you’re nice and present your best self to us, it’ll be so much easier for us to find dates for you! We are your matchmaker, your wingman and your friend. We will do everything we can to find someone compatible with you. However, if you’re demanding, unpleasant or just not very open with us, we would have a much harder time promoting and matching you.

Is It True That Only Desperate People Pay For Love?

You are not paying for love. You are paying to increase your chances of meeting the right person. There are many young, successful, eligible, good looking people who would rather have a professional who is searching and filtering on their behalf, so that they could spend their time increasing their earning potential or just on other activities they prefer!

It’s difficult for guys to be constantly asking women and then getting rejected. Similarly, it’s difficult for women to filter through the huge number of messages they are receiving, so these professional ladies and gentlemen have hired us as their Personal Love Assistants to filter through all those people and find someone special for them.

How Will You Know If There Will Be “Chemistry”?

We won’t know if there will be “chemistry”, but we will know if you have similar values, lifestyle, goals and personalities. We cannot manufacture “chemistry”, but in our experience “chemistry” is a combination of excitement, flirty tension, conversation, fun, laughter, playfulness, compliments, curiosity and most importantly respect.

p.s. Everyone feels “chemistry” differently, but if you only accept one specific type of feeling to determine if there is potential connection, then you’re closing yourself off to all the other possibilities of relationships that start with a different feeling.

I’ve Been Headhunted To Go On A Date With A Client. If I Agree, Does It Mean I Have To Be In A Relationship With Her/Him?

No, of course not. While our clients are relationship minded individuals, they also understand that it takes time to get to know somebody before you decide if you want to be in a relationship. Take this as a chance to meet people outside of your social circle. Give each other the chance to get to know each other – ask questions about growing up, about your travels, about what makes you happy etc. Don’t worry about awkward silences – they are perfectly normal. Just focus on being pleasant and having a good time. Have fun!! Don’t feel pressured to exchange numbers immediately after the date. We will call you after the date to see what you thought about each other and if you’d like to see each other again. Then if you didn’t get the chance to exchange numbers after the date, we will pass your contact to each other.

To guys: If the ladies aren’t sure about passing you their contact immediately after the date, it’s okay. It doesn’t mean that they’re not interested. Don’t be upset or hurt. Sometimes they just need time to feel comfortable.

To the ladies: Ladies, even if you give your contact to the guys after the date, it doesn’t mean that you’ve agreed to be their girlfriend. They’re just asking because they enjoyed your company. Just like in all relationships, you start as friends first. Also, if they forgot to ask for your number, it doesn’t mean that they’re not interested. Sometimes, they can be forgetful.

Please respect our client’s privacy and refrain from asking about their membership with us – how much they have paid or how many dates they have been on. You can talk to us if you’re curious about membership plans.

In general, just like in any first meeting – be pleasant, have fun and learn more about the other person you’re meeting.

How Do You Find People to Match Me With?

We have scouters who are working hard to recruit people onto our database. Our scouters are well connected individuals who have extensive networks in various circles. They go through their own network and attend various events and activities to find eligible singles. They approach people wherever they go including using dating apps to expand their reach. When our scouters find eligible singles who are open to being matched, we’ll make sure these eligible singles pass through our screening process including a LinkedIn verification and a face-to-face interview before they can be considered a potential match for you.

All these scouting activities are in addition to the database that we already have. With Grouvly, our database is just the beginning where we’ll find someone special for you.

How To Have An Awesome First Date

Meet each other with an open mind. Hopefully you’ve had enough sleep the night before. Smile. Dress to impress. Pop a mint. Check how you look in the mirror. Smell nice. Talk about what you’ve been reading/watching/doing etc. Listen when the other person is talking. Smile.

Don’t be afraid to cut it short, the best first date is when you leave them wanting to know you more.

Safety First.

Last but not least, please make decisions that prioritize your own safety. If we find out that you’ve been inappropriate, disrespectful or conducting yourself in a manner that is hurtful to others, we reserve the right to reveal your details to the authorities.

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