We're not a dating site - we simply hook you up with 3 people you don't
know (but should) over drinks with your friends

Graphic typewriter

Apply with Facebook

We use your Facebook info to match you (and to make sure you don't already know the other group). Also, no wall posting lameness, etc.

Graphic hands

We hand-pick the other crew for you

They're awesome people you don't know, but should

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Grab 2 Friends

Pick your best wingmen or wingwomen.

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Pre-pay your first round of drinks

It ensures that everyone shows up

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We tell you where to meet

We work with the best bars, lounges and speakeasies.

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Meet the other group of three

The rest is up to you...

Usual night


Grouvly night

7:04 PM

You whatsapp your friends: "ready to go out?"

User 1
8:27 PM

Your friends: "where?"

User 2
8:50 PM

After a long debate, you meet at the usual place in Clarke Quay

Hiw icon meet
9:45 PM

You talk and catch up

Hiw icon chat
10:20 PM

You chat with some rando's. Finish your beers

Hiw icon 2female
11:01 PM

Yawn. It's getting late lah

Hiw icon moon
11:34 PM

Fall asleep in bed watch a series

Hiw icon video
8:30 PM

Meet your 1 or 2 friends at the venue we picked for you

Hiw icon 2male
8:40 PM

You meet the other group (-: Awesome!

Hiw icon group
8:56 PM

The 1st round drinks is served. No payment needed, Cheers!

Hiw icon wine
9:03 PM

You talk, joke, laugh

Hiw icon chat
9:56 PM

Shots time!

Hiw icon glass
10:29 PM

Funny picture time for Instagram

Hiw icon image
10:45 PM

More drinks are ordered

Hiw icon margarita
11:42 PM

You head to a club

Hiw icon club
2:15 AM

And the night's just getting started

Hiw icon moon

Still haven't booked?

We started to think it's you, not us