How It Works


Complete Your Private Profile

Get started with the basic profile and upload your photo. This profile is just the beginning and we'll continue to build your profile from our conversations with you.

Grouvly is a matchmaking company, not a "dating site". That means humans — not algorithms — will pick your matches. We'll never share your identity, profile or private information.


Choose Your Dating Approach

Want your own matchmaker and a personalized experience? Upgrade to Grouvly VIP Member.

Are you happy being "passive" and only being matched if you're chosen to meet one of our VIP clients? Choose Grouvly Club Member.


Meet Your Matchmaker

When you upgrade your membership to be a Grouvly VIP Member, we'll pair you with a matchmaker who's the best fit for you.

You'll then dive in to your love life with your personal matchmaker through an indepth profiling session. This will help assess your personality, needs, wants, and match compatibility. Once we complete your profile, we'll start matching you with compatible candidates from within our database and beyond.


Enjoy Your Date

Once introductions are ready to be made, we'll plan and schedule a customized date experience to take all the pressure and stress out of first date planning. All you need to do is show up, be ready to meet someone wonderful, and have fun!

Should I Become a VIP Member?


If you upgrade to a Grouvly VIP member, our matchmakers will actively search for matches for you according to your specifications, and find someone special for you! During the process, we'll also be providing insightful feedback, emotional support, dating advice and guidance before and after every date to give you the best chances of a successful match!

If you join as a Grouvly Club Member (Free Plan), we will not actively search for a match for you. We’ll only reach out to you if we have a VIP member who is a potential match.