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Quality profiles of real ladies. Powerful search engine. Real-time secure credit card transactions and payment option. Immediate online delivery of reliable information. Friendly software for database maintenance. Helpful customer care staff able to solve any question quickly to your best advantage. Reasonable prices and flexible discount system. Possible personal meeting with any female client and wide range of ukrainian marriage agency services provided in her city. These features are a "must " for reputable matchmaking agency and the ones we are able and have to offer.
It's a well-known fact that there are lots of dishonest people on the dating scene. It can be a person who uses somebody else's photos, who copies love letters from a template, whose primary purpose is to steal money from you with the pretensions of establishing a relationship leading to marriage dishonestly. It can be also an agency that uses girls' photos without asking permission, agencies, selling fake addresses and imitating correspondence with the help of their employees.
But even an honest agency trying to grant services to the people who are interested in finding a life-partner still faces problems.
A small agency can not provide clients with a really big selection of ladies, can't afford creating appropriate software or utilizing a secure online facility, and can't even dream owning a fast dedicated server. On the other hand, big agencies can't keep constantly in contact with the women in other cities, can't control if they are real and single and can't provide services (i.e. flowers delivery, tours) in all the cities where their ladies-clients do live.
Here is a solution: a cooperation, coalition, ... A N e t w o r k!
We are proud to be a part of Ukrainian brides Network that provides us with all needed resources in many cities and countries. Ukrainian brides Network is the only U.S. based service, which maintains and staffs offices in USA, UK, Austalia, Switzerland, Denmark and 50 FSU cities (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia)
Seeking a life partner in a foreign country is not easy and there can be some hurdles on the way starting with the mentality and cultural differences, personality and expectations factor to the technical difficulties like getting in touch and a visit. Our goal is to make the process more effective and successful and spare you from wasting your time, money and emotions. We tried to create not only a portal through which people can meet but also through which people can learn about each other's history and culture. To have a better grasp of the Ukrainian mentality and attitude to life and things we have written an article about Ukraine women. We've created photo albums that help to see the history, sights and everyday life in some of the cities where we and our ladies-clients live and work.
We have created fine software and we are in constant process of improving it to provide you, our valuable customer, with all the tools for accomplishing your task.
There is automated mail forwarding to the city where the lady lives. Imagine your letter - with photos attached - delivered immediately to the appropriate agent in one of 63 agencies in various FSU cities. The server calculates the charges and sends the receipt to you. The letters are properly formatted and automatically provided with the explicit instructions to our staff in all the cities as well as to the lady. You only need to press the button. Notice the "Send me a letter" button on the ladies' profile pages. There is a strict policy that every agency in Ukraine brides network has to follow:
All ladies must apply in person, and show proof that they are currently unmarried. This guarantees we list only REAL ladies that are willings joing the introduction agency. No pictures of famous modles/actresses/ singers covering scammers are possible.
All girls-clients fill out and sign the paper application form that is kept at the agency and whose scans are available
We ask ladies to sign a special agreement that they may not use the agency services (that are absolutely FREE for women) for any kind of financial gain.
Ukraine women have to personally write all replies. When you receive this reply, you will also receive a reply control slip completed by the lady indicating whether she wishes to correspond, and indeed continue to be a member of our agency. You will also receive (unless you ask not to) a scan of the lady's original letter, written in her native language or typed and signed by her. This is important, so you are not writing some ladies for weeks and months and then later find out that she knows nothing about you. And also insures you get a personal letter, not a software generated one or created by a scam artist
In 90 cases (if a lady has no strong objections) we provide her photo with gifts and flowers along with a confirmation of your order delivery. This is a nice bonus and a proof the lady is real and your ordered was truly delivered to her.
You can also check if the lady from other ukraine marriage agency you are in correspondence with really exists, by sending her a flower or a letter through our service.