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Personalised Matchmaking

Meeting people through a verified source

All of our matchmakers are Dating Professionals certified by SDN (Social Development Network). Being an SDN accredited agency, we are held to the highest professional standards in the industry including:

  1. Commitment to Honesty and Integrity
  2. Commitment to Ethical Responsibilities to Clients
  3. Commitment to Full Disclosure
  4. Commitment to Professional Responsibilities to Clients
  5. Commitment to Ensuring Privacy and Information Security
  6. Commitment to Service Quality
  7. Commitment to Continuing Professional Development

Fees start from $1800, and vary according to match criteria and membership type

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Dating Assessment & Strategy Planning

Get the low-down on what's working for you and a personalized strategy to succeed in your dating life

Your friends are too nice to you or too critical of you, it's hard to know what to do in order to change the outcome of your dating life. If you're looking for a way to get what you want out of your dating experience, then this might just be what you need.

The Dating Assessment & Strategy Planning is an intensive half-day program that starts with an initial consultion where we will dive deep on your dating habits including factors that have influenced your dating outlook.

Following that, depending on the areas we have uncovered that needs the most work, we will develop a plan for you to work through.

This strategy includes:

  1. Image Revamp (Wardrobe, Hair, Skin),
  2. Psychological Recalibration (We call it the Why gap)
  3. Connection Reconstructed (Communication)

After the assessment, we will develop a dating strategy that is guaranteed to change your dating outcomes.

Fee: $350

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Dating Check-ins

You know all the theory, but still struggling to up your game?

Okay. So you know how to get a date, your pants always match your shirt, your shoes always match your dress, but you still aren't getting where you want to get to. There's more to dating than theoretical knowledge. Whether you need a wingwoman or wingman for a night out to show you how to get the date, or for an afternoon shopping for clothes/shoes/make up, or perhaps you'd like to check in with us about your dating habits. We're here for you.

Check in with us for rates of select services

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